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PostSubject: ABU DHABI RACE TRACK   Mon 28 Dec 2009, 02:08

To those who recently visited this site, just to let you know that we are curently discussing about the rebuilding of the only offroad race track we have here in Abu Dhabi. If you are not yet in our mailing list, kindly pm me your email add so i can add you and keep you posted with what ever topics we may have. Just read below the subject we are currently discussing. Copied from my email. cheers


Thanks a lot for the suggestion Mayor and for the list you made!

Guys, let's meet this coming Jan. 8, 2010 at the track to finally and formaly discuss and close this subject so we can
immediately start the rebuilding of the track. Remember once we have reach our target contribution, that's the only time we
can request the owner of Smart Hobbies to arrange a permit for the work we are planning. Aside from the collection of our pledge,
we can discuss other activities that we can do during the repair work and what other things we may require to keep this track up and running.

We need everyones cooperation and support in this drive! Let us finish this once and for all!

Below, please find the list Frank made which I filled-up as paid according to your pledge. To the rest of the guys,
we are just waiting for you. Just type the word paid and forward to everyone. You may also reply to this mail your intentions and desire for the rest to understand.

Best regards,


----- Original Message -----
From: francisco velasco
To: Jun Apua
Sent: Friday, December 25, 2009 8:21 PM
Subject: ADRCTC Offroad Race Track


I prepared the option-1, to avoid irregularity maintenance and sandstorm incase it happen.
Maintaining offroad race track is difficult mostly in Summer time. The option 2 is to thin to overcome the uneven of the surface of race track after the race event, people/drivers are tired after the race event and one by one is missing from the track area.

Think my proposal and distribute to all members if option-1 is Okey to them.

Herewith the Budget Contribution:

S/No. Name Contribution Remarks
1 Jun Apua 500.00 Paid
2 Ryan 500.00
3 Ezra 500.00 Paid
4 Frank 500.00
5 Lito Vargas 500.00
6 Jamea 1,000.00 Paid
7 Quang Nguyen 500.00 Paid
8 Allan Luna 500.00
9 Temyong 500.00
10 Dennis 500.00
11 Javed 500.00 Paid
12 Jerick 500.00
13 Alvin 500.00
14 Archie 500.00
15 Toto 500.00
16 Edward 500.00 Paid
17 Gaston 500.00 Paid
18 Steve 500.00
Total Contribution 10,000.00



On Wed, 12/23/09, Edward <beamer30csi@gmail.com> wrote:

From: Edward <beamer30csi@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Fw: Emailing: IMG_0394, IMG_0395, IMG_0396, IMG_0397, IMG_0392,IMG_0393
Date: Wednesday, December 23, 2009, 7:46 PM

Please note that the track in Al Ain also has been laid down with a layer of fine sand.
The wind blew al the fine sand away, leaving the stones and heavier parts on the track.
=> The track must be watered on a regular base. Built in watering system is preferred.
=> To prevent the wind blowing the fine sand away, install a low fench of green agriculture net around the track.
This has been applied at the airstrip of Nadal Sheba successfully.

Please let us know how many people are planning/willing to contribute for the track?
If more that 20 people are there, each 500 dhs should cover the cost, right?
May be Quang is willing to assist with 5k dhs ;-)

When do you need the money to buy the soil and hire the equipment?
Who will collect and where to submit the money

Best regards,


On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 6:54 PM, Jun Apua <jun2367@emirates.net.ae> wrote:

Hi Edward,

If we can apply to the whole area, much better to avoid the sand going over the kutch again if it is windy and during sandsatorms. Otherwise, kutch could get burried again.

I also have another idea as a suggestion to your comment. On the area without kutch, we can lay aggregates. It is a mixture of kutch, small stones to max 30 mm dia. and small amunt of sand. By this way, original existing sand will be burried under the aggregates with stone and will help make that particular area firm. Unfortunately, still don't know the price for 1 ton bag of aggregate.

For the contribution, let's say minimum of DH 500.00/head. If the contribution is more than our expected cost, we can use the remaining money for other developments. It's really difficult to calculate and estimate especially if the funding is not there yet. Honestly, still dont know how many are willing to contribute except for those who already made their pledge as follows:

1. Jun DH 500.00
2. Lito
3. Jamea
4. Quang
5. Javed
6. Ezra

To those i mentioned above, kindly clarify / type the amount you want to contribute beside your name and forward to everyone for us to understand. To those who are not on the list yet but willing to join this cause, kindly do the same by adding your name and pledge after the last person on the list.



----- Original Message -----
From: Edward
To: Jun Apua
Subject: Re: Fw: Emailing: IMG_0394, IMG_0395, IMG_0396, IMG_0397, IMG_0392,IMG_0393

No need to have kutch for the whole area.
Only on the parts of the area where it need to be firm, you can apply kutch.
E.g. on the straight, at the ramp of the jump.
However, on the landing area, just keep it soft.

Watering system is important! This to keep the track in condition.
Preferrably built in.

What will be the expected contribution for each?



On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 10:59 PM, Jun Apua <jun2367@eim.ae> wrote:


Firstly, thanks a lot to you Quang and Lito for your positive reply.

Quang, Hoping to see you again very soon.

Guys, just want to let you know that for the bobcat and road roller or compactor, I contacted the same supplier of kutch since
they also have heavy equipments for rental and rental cost as follows:

1. Per day rent of bobcat with operator is DH 450.00 (excluding diesel)
2. Per day rent of compactor/road roller with operator is DH 650.00 (excluding diesel)

For the above, we have to manage the mobilization and demobilization that means we have to hire a trailer which will cost around DH 500.00 ~ 800.00 / day. Final price TBA once I got the cheapest rate. With regards to the diesel for the bobcat and compactor, I can take care of this. I'll just ask our chief mechanic to spare me 2 x 20 ltr. pail of diesel from our stock and I can bring the same to the site.

To sum it up, we have 3 options which are:

Option 1

- To apply kutch on the entire area of the track with an approximate size of 60 x 60 mtrs. x 10 cm or 100 mm (4") thick, we
will be needing 360M³ (cubic meter) of kutch @ DH 18.00 / M³ = DH 6,480.00 for kutch only.

Option 2

- To apply kutch on the same area of the track but thickness is 0.75 cm or 75 mm (3"), we will need around 270 M³ of kutch and that will cost around DH 4,860.00.

Option 3

- To apply kutch only on the track layout wit an approximate size of 350 M L x 4 M wide and 10 cm Thk. we will only need around 140 M³ of kutch equivalent to DH 2,520.00. But in this option, some part of the track will still remain as sand.

Equipment cost for 2 days hire will be:

- Bobcat @ DH 450.00 / day = DH 900.00
- Compactor @ 650.00 / day = 1,300.00
- Mob & Demob (approx.) = 1,500.00 (or 1,000.00 ~ 1,500.00)
Sub-Total = 3,700.00
Plus: Option 1 : 6,480.00 = 10,180.00
if Option 2 : 4,860.00 = 8,560.00
if Option 3 : 2,520.00 = 6,220.00

Guys, the above grand total figures are approximate only due to price of Mob and Demob of quipment. It maybe more or less but I hope it will be less. I will let you know once I have the final cost for mob and demob. For the track measurement of 60 M x 60 M, we already put an allowance on it. So the kutch we calculated is already more than enough to cover it.

If you are to ask me, I prefer option no. 2. I believe a thickness of 3 inches is more than enough to make the track in good running condition for a long time. During summer time, we just have to water the track at least every 2 or 3 days.

So that's it gents. Just waiting for your positive feedback on the above.

BTW, i am attaching herewith pictures of our yard which i took yesterday. Just see for yourself. My suggestion to re-develop the surface of our track is just the same to how we did it with our yard. Once we are done with the repair, the new track surface will look just the same and similar to our yard now.

Let's do this guys!!!



----- Original Message -----
From: Jun Apua
To: jun2367@eim.ae
Cc: jonap721@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 8:45 AM
Subject: Emailing: IMG_0394, IMG_0395, IMG_0396, IMG_0397, IMG_0392, IMG_0393


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